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Career Coaching

  • Your career is transitioning
  • Evolve withing your current company
  • Move to a new external role
  • Explore options
  • Realign your work/life balance

As your coach, I will support you to uncover what can be your next position in line with your values and how to get there.

Working in partnership, we will decide the best strategy to get that job in a sustainable way. That will include identifying your strengths, skills and needs. From there we will work on your options and the best strategies to reach your goal.

Part of our work together will also be to overpass the stories you are telling yourself and that prevent you from reaching your next professional challenge.

Re-enter the workforce

  • You want to re-enter the Work Force and don’t know where to start.
  • You need to build self-confidence to convince a company to hire you.

We will plan together the best way for you to succeed.

Once you are clear about your future position, we will work on identifying your added value and how you can make the difference for a company. That will get you grounded in the confidence necessary to brand yourself as the person to hire for that job you dream of.

During the process, we will also work on refining your communication tools, including writting your resume and make your social media profile more visible. You will also learn how to work with your network , prepare for interviews, negotiate the contract…

Dalila Abgrall

Phone: +33 6 64 35 05 70

Paris, London