Do you need to Build a better career path?|Find a new job?|Develop your managerial and leadership skills?|Be guided while unboarding a new position?

I work in close partnership with you

so that you can move forward

If you feel that “something needs to change”, coaching will help you understand what and how. It is a powerful tool that gives you the keys to move forward towards your goals, and leads to lasting changes in your life. It allows you to let go of your limiting beliefs, and to see your own strengths. By helping to step back and explore your own path, the coach supports you while you move forward.

As a coach, I provide my skills so people and companies can develop and improve their human potential. I am particularly involved in professional career transition, development of managerial skills and team cohesiveness.

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has allowed it to progress. – C.F. Kettering.


I really thank Dalila as she helped me clear out things and start something new. I have been really impressed by her ability to understand who I really was. Strongly humane and benevolent, she questioned me so I was able to unfold my own answers. She helped me to deal with my fears and to focus on what was really important to me.

Being nonjudgmental and by sharing her knowledge and own experiences, she allowed me to feel myself at ease. At the end of our coaching session, I am taking with me tools and methods that enable me to move forward and to have a better vision of my future.

I really thank her for being supportive throughout the process and I really hope other people will benefit from her coaching skills.


I worked with Dalila just after I had completed my coach training and was looking for a bit of clarification on both my short and long term career goals. One of those was a trip to Colombia for several months to start my practice and benefit from the opportunity of life in a very different culture.

Through my work with Dalila and her supportive as well as instinctive style, I reconfirmed my intentions for the trips and set off with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.


Career Consultant, Career Coach

I highly recommend Dalila. The coaching sessions I had with her have been really helpful and I was therefore been able to reach my professional goals. Dalila has supported me while I was taking a new position as a leader. She has helped me find the right attitude within my company and to get my peers recognition.

While keeping ones goals in mind, coaching is useful to understand his own actions and to redirect them the right way.

Having been coached by Dalila has had positive impact both on my professional and personal life.



This is a testimonial in a recommendation of Dalila Abgrall, who held Life Coaching Sessions with me here in Chicago, in 2017. ( I run a small business of organizing & uncluttering.)

I’d not done this sort of ideating & brainstorming before, but had a good intuition about her, (from my initial phone conversation), which held true:

She has common sense, & instinct . . . . . this, combined with her training in a remarkable field, allowed her to guide me to both &quot “ferret” out, discover, define, & implement decisions in my life, helping me with “stuff”, both career & personal.

I was quite happy with all that we accomplished . . . . after each session, I either worked on a new aspect or just felt powerful to work on something later in the day or that week. And she is deeply kind, & non-judgemental.

Your gain of her services is, indeed, Chicago’s loss.


Dalila Abgrall

Phone: +33 6 64 35 05 70

Paris, London