Why Coaching?

Do you feel you need to shake things in order to get what you really want?

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Are you looking for a partner to challenge you and make you accountable so you stay on track and Move forward?

do you need to line up your goals with your values to have a more fulfilling career?

are you seeking for support to identify the best strategy to land your next job?

Does returning to work feels like a boot camp and you don’t know where to start?

Working with a coach will help you to clarify your objectives and remove those barriers that you perceive between you and the career you want to have. Step by step, with your coach, you will unfold how to build the future you want for yourself. The plus is that while doing so, you will also grow in many other areas of your life.

Uncover, decide, focus, commit are all part of the coaching process.

Taking the initial step with a coach does take courage and may feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry, that feeling will not last for long : as the coaching progresses, you will feel more grounded and empowered.

As your coach, I ask questions to help you articulate what is going on. I will support and encourage you to step back from your day-to-day life: that will help you see the big picture, envision other options and understand what you need to reach your goals.

Dalila Abgrall

Phone: +33 6 64 35 05 70

Paris, London